Elements Redux: Chapter 1

Wind: the intangible element that holds great power. In this chapter, nature is the stage where we discover its traits while depicting our protective gear. The series was captured by Peter Sutherland, the series documents the motion behind this great force.

In the windiest nooks of the Rocky Mountains of the western United States we reveal stunning scenes in nature and the excitement of catching air.


Enjoy the fresh air and seek new adventures in mother nature's greatest wonders while staying protected in the elements in our durable Fall/Winter 2021 garments.

Behind the lens

Meet the photographer: Peter Sutherland

American photographer and filmmaker; Peter Sutherland lives and works between New York and Colorado. He works in both fine art and commercial photography and has successfully exhibited in institutions and galleries globally. Photo credit: Shimpei Nakagawa.

Photo credit: Shimpei Nakagawa


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