Spring/Summer 2024

Origin Stories: Americana

America is etched into the collective imagination through fragments of landscapes, streets, and portraits that are profoundly recognizable and evocative. Images that are warmed by blue skies and setting suns, revealing the faces and tales of those who inhabit them. These narratives form the heart of a new chapter in Origin Stories, a visual storytelling of both the small moments and grand dreams that embody the essence of Americana. Captured through photography, they are imbued with the authenticity that has always distinguished us and defines us as "The Original American Outdoor Brand".


Over generations, photographers have chased the elusive perfect shot, their craft evolving alongside society. Rooted in the quest for the ideal image, photography reflects the human desire to capture fleeting moments. Similarly, for almost 200 years, we kept evolving as a brand while remaining authentic to ourselves, ensuring we always provide the perfect gear to embrace and cherish each moment fully, season after season.

The American landscape

The American landscape serves as the canvas upon which stories are painted, each vista a reflection of the rich tapestry of American life. From bustling city streets to the immense silence of deserts, every scene is imbued with the essence of Americana. As photographers like Amber Maalouf and Mike Gray capture the human experience against this backdrop, they unveil the beauty of our shared journey through time and space.

Original American Stories, since 1830

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