Being a woman today

A project by FANTASTUDIO

In a new collaboration between Fantastudio and Woolrich, we celebrate what it is to be a woman through a series of portraits featuring diverse personalities. We explore and honor the uniqueness of women through the images evoked.

For this International Women's Day, we recognize five women who are making strides in their own right. Carolina Amoretti, Lüzai, Sara Ricciardi, Aya Mohamed, and Bianca Hirata let us into their private spaces and discuss various aspects of womanhood that inspire them.

Carolina Amoretti

Carolina is the founder of FANTABODY and FANTASTUDIO. To her, the female body is a powerful source of inspiration. Through her photos she helps women reclaim their image, trying to bring out love and self-awareness.


Singer and songwriter Lüzai uses her voice to represent those who don't have one. She wishes to be an example for other women who do not identify with those around them. As a second-generation Italian, she tries to be a role model for those who come from situations like herself. 

Sara Ricciardi

Sara is a designer who draws inspiration for her work from the female body and sexuality. She sees female sexuality as a natural force that should be accepted, welcomed, and cultivated, much like a flower. It makes a vital call to the world and connects us to ourselves without asking for anything in return.

Aya Mohamed

Blogger and content creator, Aya Mohamed

defines modern womanhood as both peace in the concept of comparison without prejudice and curiosity in the face of what we don't know. Being curious, openness, and empathy, she believes, are the ingredients for change for enrichment.

Bianca Hirata

Bianca Hirata is an activist, model, and creative director. She is the co-founder of #DONNEXSTRADA, a program that aims to provide women with safety when they are alone or feel unsafe when they are out. She is dedicated to ensuring that the next generation of women feels secure in society. Her efforts are laying the groundwork for a brighter future for women all over the world.

A conversation about womanhood

The whole month of march we celebrated women, and to end on a high note, we hosted a live talk in our Milan store.

Watch the recap of the talk where Carolina Amoretti, Lüzai, Sara Ricciardi, Aya Mohamed, and Bianca Hirata discuss what it means to be a woman today and how it inspires their personal lives and work. 

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