Elements Redux: Chapter 3

In this chapter, a mountain scape sets the stage to uncover the cold while showing off protective and insulated gear. The series was captured by Lukas Wassmann to document the chill behind this force.

In the Susten Pass in the Swiss Alps, scenes are captured amongst the mountains and the intrigue and wonder of the landscape is brought to the forefront.

Seek new adventures in mother nature's paths while staying protected in the cold weather and the elements in our durable Fall/Winter 2021 garments.

Conquer the cold

Reliable outerwear for the cold weather

Complete the look

Woolrich and GORE-TEX

Since introducing its first GORE-TEX Jackets in 1979, Woolrich has carefully honed their brand of classically styled technical outerwear. Designing with all the functionality to suit the “gear” requirements of avid mountaineers, while simultaneously satisfying the slightly less adventurous, more aesthetically driven explorers.


Behind the lens

Meet the photographer: Lukas Wassmann

Lukas Wassmann is an artist and photographer based out of Switzerland and Berlin. His art practice delves into nature and the intimacy of being, looking at individual, and social rituals through photography series, portraits, sculpture, woodcraft, and carpentry.

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