Elements Redux: Chapter Two

Wind: a kinetic element that is elusive yet forceful and sweeps up anything in its way. This chapter focuses on the common life force and uses natural and cultural aspects as a backdrop on the path to discover this element while showcasing our purposeful gear. This series was captured by Nick Sethi to uncover the motion behind this robust element.

This visual story explores the windiest areas of New York City revealing a feeling of freedom while happening upon intimate pockets of nature amongst urban architecture.

Wind is rough, irregular, and unstable with a subtle and light side. Possessing qualities that effortlessly power and provide movement giving one a sense of inspiration.

Enjoy the flow of light springtime air and seek out the hidden nooks and crannies of the urban metropolis while staying protected in our garments.

Whether it be a slight breeze or strong gusts – wind drives movement in all its forms. 

Behind the lens

Meet the photographer: Nick Sethi

The element of wind was shot by New York based American photographer Nick Sethi of Indian descent. Nick has contributed to prominent publications such as: Another, Dazed, Garage, Office, Kaleidoscope, Modern Weekly, and Vice and published two books through Dashwood Books, Pul Ke Niche (2013) and Khichdi (Kitchari) (2018), underlining his connections to India.

Photo credit: Alessio Costantino


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