After a limited run last year, we are excited to announce that we have once again partnered with Dogfish Head Craft Brewery to bring back Pennsylvania Tuxedo, a spruce hopped IPA, this holiday season. Our friendship turned partnership with Dogfish Head was born out of a mutual admiration for family-owned American businesses that value quality craftsmanship.

A True Collaboration

When we discussed doing a beer with Dogfish Head, we all agreed that it would be great if our employees had an actual hand in the making of it. Over the course of several days back in May, our mill employees in Woolrich, Pennsylvania were given the opportunity to harvest new growth spruce tips. Together, we picked several hundred pounds of tips to send over to the Dogfish Head brewery in Delaware for the making of this delicious concoction. We are proud to say that this is more than just a co-branded beer, it is a true collaboration!


Reviving the Founder’s Recipe

While reading up on Woolrich history, Sam Calagione, owner and founder of Dogfish Head, was inspired by a story from the mid 19th century when Michael Bond Rich, grandson of Woolrich founder, John Rich, had an unforgettable encounter with spruce beer. The incident occurred when his father was hosting a barn raising. The young M.B. Rich recalled, “On account of rain on the day set, the raising was postponed a couple of days and the spruce beer which was prepared had acquired a potency not intended. As it was accessible to me, I drank quite freely and, when later on I stooped over to get a drink from the spring, I fell in headfirst and was too much intoxicated to get out.” Luckily, M.B. Rich was saved by a woman who happened to be fetching water from the spring, and the young boy lived to tell the story that helped Sam create Pennsylvania Tuxedo.

Pennsylvania Tuxedo: What’s in a Name?

Pennsylvania Tuxedo is a nod to the iconic hunting outfit of our 503 Hunt Plaid Wool Jacket and Pants traditionally worn by outdoorsmen in Pennsylvania. While the head to toe outfit isn’t as popular today, our Classic Wool Hunt Coat, known for its unparalleled warmth and durability, remains one of our best selling items.


More Than Just Beer

In addition to the beer, we also created a great selection of Woolrich x Dogfish Head co-branded products including Dogfish Head flannels featuring the exclusive “Dogfish Head Plaid” for both men and women, “Pennsylvania Tuxedo” hats with fold down ear-warming flaps, ceramic coasters, wool koozies, pint glasses, and last but not least, an embroidered 503 hunt coat. You can shop these limited edition goods here, but we have to warn you, they may not last long!





Shop the Woolrich x Dogfish Head collection here.