One Of These Days / Woolrich

Key to the Highway

We are all looking for something. Whether it's ourselves, inspiration, someone to love, a peaceful place to rest. Join us on this truthful American journey through the vast and authentic places that are carved into our collective imagery.

In these iconic American landscapes, Matt McCormick's art finds its inspiration. For the third consecutive season, we've worked together to give life to a collection that embodies all the facets of Americana. It pays homage to tradition, embraces our unique style, and serves as a reminder of the enduring values that define us.

This collection showcases a diverse range of silhouettes, drawing inspiration from timeless American workwear aesthetics, artfully reimagined through the distinctive lens of One of These Days. Each piece captures the essence of our collaborative journey, blending tradition with innovation, and embodying the spirit of Americana that has inspired us from the very beginning.

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