The collaboration between Vibram and Woolrich is a perfect match. Both brands embody a love for the outdoors, share the same values, and have an innovative approach to design. Woolrich debuted footwear in 2017 and chose Vibram as its partner for the outsoles while synonymously representing Made in Italy and their mutual love for nature.

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Vibram’s history began in 1937. Its founder, Vitale Bramani, a dedicated mountain climber, revolutionized the mountaineering world by replacing boots with heavy soles with lighter and resistant rubber. From this passion and vision the original Vibram sole was born, merging his first and surname, “Vitale” and “Bramani". For more than 80 years now, Vibram is a go-to source for all sorts of soles for footwear in diverse sectors. We're happy to be part of the legacy.

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