Woolrich Parka

Since 1830, Woolrich has been there for lovers of travel, adventure and the great outdoors. The Woolrich garment that epitomises our passion for outdoor activities is the Arctic Parka.

Testament to the brand's American roots since 1972, the iconic Woolrich Parka mirrors the pursuit of functional garments designed to protect the wearer in challenging weather conditions.

Designed in 1972 for workers involved in constructing an oil pipeline in Alaska, where temperatures fall as low as -40°C, this Parka has a charming back story linked to the great outdoors, work and the spirit of independence, embodying the American Dream.

Over the past 40 years, Woolrich has continued to break ground in developing the parka. While its unmistakable shape, pockets and hood remain essential features, season after season we strive to revamp the original and maintain the contemporary appeal of its design by experimenting with new materials and high-performance details, from wool Storm System® fabric created by Lanificio Ing. Loro Piana treated to resist wind and rain to GORE-TEX membranes for highly breathable and waterproof parkas able to withstand even the harshest conditions.

The Woolrich Parka range includes models for men designed to resist the elements with ease and provide charming style for both casual and more formal occasions.

The slim-fit style and exquisite feminine detailing of Woolrich's parkas for women complement the typical functional aspects.

Last but not least, our kids' parkas offer a classic take on the historic original garment for little ones and are tailor-made for young trailblazers and outdoor enthusiasts

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Learn about the iconic Arctic Parka and its cultural impact.