Woolrich Outdoor Foundation x Istituto Oikos

The Woolrich Outdoor Foundation is proud to highlight its partnership with Istituto Oikos. Istituto Oikos is an NGO that aims to safeguard biodiversity and promote the adoption of sustainable living. Together with the Woolrich Outdoor Foundation, they work to protect and enhance biodiversity, engage the community and raise awareness by organizing special events and activities.



Restoration of our environment is one of the main goals for our collaboration with Oikos. Activities to reach our goals include on-the-ground projects such as planting seeds and bee gardens in local parks in our communities and organizing educational webinars. Our on-the-ground activities foster a sense of community and awareness between locals, Woolrich employees, and volunteers from Istituto Oikos.

The two webinars hosted by Istituto Oikos and supported by the Woolrich Outdoor Foundation cover topics featuring the importance of pollinating insects and how to protect them and teaching on urban horticulture and its influence on biodiversity.



We believe children should have the possibility to be outdoors every day and play, learn and explore in harmony with nature. That is why, with Istituto Oikos, we helped turn the Dino Buzzati school in Milan into a bio-green school. Students were involved in activities aiming to increase biodiversity and restore green areas around the school, like planting local species of flowers to attract pollinators, creating a small area of shrubs, and building nest boxes and bird feeders.

We firmly believe that education and the involvement of young people are key elements in fighting the climate crisis. By providing the right tools to increase their knowledge and skills, students can understand the significant impact they may have on the planet.

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Founded in Milan in 1996, Istituto Oikos plays a central role in protecting key biodiversity areas to preserve and enhance natural environments. All the initiatives they promote are supported by awareness-raising campaigns and programs to encourage students, teachers, citizens, and local entities to adopt more sustainable lifestyles.

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