Since 1830, an important part of doing it right

For almost 200 years, Woolrich has been doing what it does best: creating clothing for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether it's a short hike, a camping trip, or scaling high peaks, having the right equipment makes all the difference. Layering is key, and always has been: starting from the inner layer that absorbs sweat and moisture, all the way to the outer layer that protects from the elements. Layering offers functionality and comfort when done with the right garments. That's why we've been choosing GORE-TEX for some of our outerwear for years, to offer you the best of both worlds.

Since 1979, the quintessential outer layer


The outer layer must protect against unpredictable weather elements, ensuring waterproofing and breathability to prevent moisture buildup. For over 40 years, we have been choosing GORE-TEX to offer protection and functionality to outdoor enthusiasts.


Layering is in our DNA

For John Rich, who founded Woolrich in 1830, there was only one way to do things: do them right. At the beginning, Woolrich produced durable clothing for those who worked outdoors, such as loggers, fishermen, and hunters. Our garments helped them work and survive in nature.

Over the years, the brand began to attract outdoor activity enthusiasts, and the 1970s catalogs were aimed at them, serving as true guides for dressing in a functional way to face the elements and enjoy outdoor activities without suffering from the cold or excessive sweating. How? By layering.

Dressing for active outdoor fun can be a very serious business. Layering is the key to dressing appropriately to safely enjoy the activities we love. Each layer has a specific function. The base layer, the essential layer that fits snugly to the skin, prevents stagnant air and moisture on the body. The second layer must be made of wool: a durable, naturally insulating and water-repellent fabric. To enhance thermal insulation in colder seasons, the optimal third layer is a padded garment, preferably a vest. The fourth and final layer, which protects from wind and rain, is a technical outerwear garment. In 1979, with the aim of creating the perfect outer layer, we launched the Mountain Parka in waterproof GORE-TEX fabric. Since then, we have continued to create iconic garments that prioritize functionality and comfort.

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This British master of the outdoor lens is one of the most recognized faces of the high-altitude photography scene. His output varies between conceptualism and documentary, commercial work and award-winning shoots. His work includes such brands as Acne, Moncler, Gore-Tex, Vogue, and Adidas, while his palmares includes such outstanding achievements as a Magnum Photo Award and shoots with legends like mountaineer Nims Purja, recently portrayed for GQ. This dual professional soul allows the London-based photographer to treat natural elements, particularly mountains, as muses and sets, as places of research from both an artistic and a fashion perspective.

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