Woolrich Outdoor Foundation x Planted

The Woolrich Outdoor Foundation works to preserve the world's forests. It is one of our three fundamental pillars. As a result, we're thrilled to announce our collaboration with Planted. Planted is a German company that helps businesses around the world achieve NetZero status and offset CO2 emissions by planting forests and trees in Germany. Planted accepts donations from individuals and businesses and plants trees in the forest to offset emissions. Through our partnership, we continue to be on the path toward a greener future and raising awareness about climate issues.

Our collaboration begins in Bavaria's Hofoldinger Forest. In 2022, we launched an important mission to plant the first 1,600 trees in our own Woolrich Outdoor Foundation Forest. Our goal is to assist in the growth of two trees per year for each Woolrich employee, which will result in the planting of up to 4,800 new trees each year. With each tree, we are making a difference to repopulate forests and offset the ecological footprint.

This is just the beginning; for 2023, we plan to build on what we've started by forming a Woolrich Climate Positive Team. This package will involve all our European employees, as we plan to plant more trees to offset up to 2 tons of CO2 emissions from private and work-related activities for each staff member on a monthly basis. With each new tree planted, the Woolrich Outdoor Foundation Forest will continue to grow.

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Planted is a Cologne-based impact company that makes climate action easy and tangible. Their goal is to offset carbon emissions through international climate protection projects and to protect Germany's forests for future generations: over the last two years, they have planted over 110,000 trees. 

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