Outdoor Label

Designed in Japan

Our Outdoor Label collection designed in Japan is carefully crafted for readiness and adaptability for any terrain.

With admiration for nature’s limitlessness and our long-standing history, we based the collection on three pillars: heritage as a source of inspiration, sustainability as an attitude towards a brighter future, and innovation as a tool to enhance the technologies used in production and design.

The inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2021 season came from American photographer Eliot Porter who paired his photography with the words of naturalist and philosopher Henry David Thoreau.

The collection centers around being practical for long-distance hiking and comfortable enough for an indoor lifestyle by creating our version of a “new minimalism."


Featuring eco-friendly shirts and shorts constructed with Tencel™ fibers made from reclaimed eucalyptus trees and prints adorned with Appalachian Trail motifs as a nod to our outdoor roots.

Pieces like the Bring x Hyperhelix cardigan highlight circular production processes and use pre-consumer recycled polyester yarn and our Cool Mesh jacket is designed for portability making it great on the go.

The modern and functional designs of the Mountain Stroll jacket and the Short jacket from the Gore-Tex Infinium™ line protect against wind and water keeping you prepared for any weather.