Woolrich: who we are

Established in 1830

Born in Pennsylvania, we’ve equipped those with a passion for the outdoors, for seeing the elements not as a barrier but an enabler.

Environments which equally test and inspire, where we fuel our own desire for leisure and learning, about the world around us and of course, about ourselves.

Our legacy

We call ourselves “The Original Outdoor Clothing Company” since we have produced high-quality garments for outdoor enthusiasts for over 190 years. Crafting fine and warm wool is our calling, and our mills have lent a helping hand during major historical moments. Woolrich has made big contributions by supplying socks, blankets, and coats to US soldiers providing them warmth and comfort.

Woolrich timeline

Our three core values

Our mission

At its core, Woolrich is a celebration of spirit and capability in all pursuits; of an empowerment against elements real and imagined; of a bold, tactile and elevated stylishness that stands the test of time and conditions. We are here to inspire our customers to see the world on their terms through a brand and product that matches their ambitions.

We empower life in the elements

Woolrich stays true to its core values: progression, travel, community and a positive approach to a world in which adversity is tackled head-on and transformed into opportunity.

Our Heritage

Brand Mission and Values