Black Friday Woolrich 2024

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Founded in 1830 in Pennsylvania, Woolrich is an integral part of the American outdoor tradition. Our history lives in our present and inspires our future through products that express style that stands the test of time.

On Friday 29 November 2024 Black Friday returns, a unique promotional event born in America, where Woolrich has its origins, that has now gained popularity in Europe and the rest of the world. Black Friday, which occurs the day after the national Thanksgiving holiday, is the ideal opportunity to begin your Christmas shopping.

Black Friday was born at the beginning of the last century in 1924, from an initiative of an iconic New York City department store: on that occasion, on Thanksgiving day, the employees of the store would dress as clowns, cowboys and all sorts of costumes, and march to the historic Herald Square store on 34th Street. There were floats, musical bands, and even some animals from the Central Park Zoo. At the end of that first parade, Santa would greet parade-goers in Herald Square to draw attention to the shop. More than 250,000 people attended that parade, and that's how it became an annual event in Manhattan. The parade became an even more traditional part of the American holiday season when it was featured in the 1947 film "Miracle on 34th Street".

Starting on the Friday immediately following the parade, unprecedented discounts and promotions were offered to officially kick off Christmas shopping, attracting thousands of people from across the country. As you can imagine, the department store’s commercial initiative was soon emulated by other stores as well and, over the years - particularly in the 1960s - Black Friday began to have a significant success, before exploding in the 1980s. In the 90s, it was established as an American national event and later became the phenomenon we know today in Europe.