Woolrich is committed to helping combat climate change and is focused on making quality products that stand the test of time. We promote the use of environmentally friendly fabrics, fibers, and practices, and are working hard to increase our use of low-impact fabrics. By designing and producing garments that are made to last, we can meaningfully offset our carbon footprint. We also make sure to provide customers with detailed care instructions, based on our own rigorous garment washing and maintenance testing, that help give our pieces a longer life.


One of our main goals is to adopt a more sustainable approach to production, and one way we do this is by tracing and confirming that the materials we work with are adhering to this as well. We're changing our focus to collaborate with partners whose materials leave a lower carbon footprint, are sourced and produced in a socially conscious manner, are recycled, and can give discarded pieces new life. We're proud to introduce you to our partners who are helping us make these changes one garment at a time.


The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) describes and certifies animal welfare practices in down and feather production and tracks the certified down materials from farm to the final product. 94% of our down is certified to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS).


Organic cotton is a sustainable raw material that is grown without harmful chemicals. Organically grown cotton produces 46% less CO2 emissions compared to conventional cotton, and it uses far less water to grow since its growers use rain instead of irrigation. Since FW22 out of 53.000 units ordered where the percentage of cotton is at least 80%, 44.000 units ( 83%) are Made of organically grown cotton. our 100% Organic Cotton features our trousers, sweaters, t-shirts, dresses, and more. We hope to reach a higher milestone in the near future.

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Our commitment to Sustainability


We are committed to preserving our greatest source of inspiration: nature. We care deeply about our planet, and the Woolrich Outdoor Foundation works to promote environmental protection and sustainability.


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