Quiet Luxury

Understated sophistication

Quiet Luxury isn't just a trend—it's a harmonious symphony of premium materials, comfort, and enduring style. Welcome to a world where sophistication whispers in every thread, and the essence of opulence is found in the simplicity of design.

These pieces are a fusion of coziness and unparalleled luxury. Embrace the warmth of our woolen creations, designed to cocoon you in exquisite softness. Every stitch tells a story of dedication to quality, creating outerwear that stands the test of time.

Each meticulously crafted piece becomes a canvas of understated luxury, reflecting the balance between simplicity and sophistication.

Italian Excellence


Since 1663 Vitale Barberis Canonico has produced fine fabrics in 1663 in Pratrivero, in the Biella Alps foothills. Its 100% Made in Italy production process has been implemented over the years with state-of-the-art technology and rigorous eco-sustainable measures. The wool mill is one of the oldest in the world and symbolizes Italian textile excellence.


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