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The Experienced Guide Program

No one can help you navigate through new terrain like an experienced guide and no one knows Woolrich like our valued customers. With that in mind, we created our Experienced Guide Program. At the heart of the program are our customer reviews. Your feedback will help other customers make informed buying decisions and help us improve the products we offer. Of course, the next time you visit our site, we hope you will benefit from the reviews others have contributed.

Since everyone enjoys being acknowledged for the good work they do, the Experienced Guide Program awards levels of achievement for helping your fellow Woolrich Shoppers. Every time you contribute, you'll earn points in addition to improving the shopping experience for thousands of other Woolrich fans just like yourself. As your points add up, you will earn higher levels of badges, identifying you as a key influencer on our site. Points can be earned in a variety of ways, from posting a review on a product to uploading a video of you and your friends using your latest Woolrich gear!

How it Works
Review Products
Product reviews are the easiest and most effective way to learn more about Woolrich products from the people who matter most, customers just like you. By posting a review, you are an informed, impartial and helpful voice when it comes to making important product decisions. The best part is that it is a win, win. Just as your reviews will help others learn about our products, the reviews of others will help you.
Earn Badges
Accumulate Points
Every time you post a review or interact with the review of a fellow valued customer, you will be rewarded with points. Different actions receive different point totals, for example posting a review is worth 10 points. The more you interact, the more points you accumulate.
Leaderboard Rules
Write a Review
Write a review over 400 characters
Be the first to review product
Add a photo/video to a review
Receive a helpful vote on a review (limit 10 per review)
Post a review on Facebook
Post a comment to review on Facebook
How Does This Work?
Every time you contribute online, you'll earn points. You'll also help improve the shopping experience for thousands of other customers like yourself.
Earn Badges
In recognition of the points you receive, badges are awarded at different milestones. Everyone starts off as a spectator, but only the most active and helpful customers can achieve the highest level of achievement and recognition on Woolrich.com and in the true outdoors, the "Experienced Guide".
Fair-Weather Walker
Backyard Camper
Day Tripper
Avid Outdoorsman
Adventure Trekker
Extreme Outdoorsman
Experienced Guide
What are levels?
As your points add up, you will earn higher levels of badges, identifying you as a key influencer on our site.
Help Others
In the outdoors and right here, the most important function that an Experienced Guide can provide is to help others. The entire focus of the "Experienced Guide" recognition program is to ensure that the shopping experience of our customers is the very best it can possibly be. Your input will help other customers decide on the styles they want and it will also help us create better products.
Get Started
Getting started is easy. Simply respond to the "Submit a Review" email you received after your latest purchase. If that email is long gone, you can head to your order history instead and select a product from a previous purchase.
Q: How Does the Program Work?
A: This is our way of recognizing your important contributions to our online community. See leaderboard rules posted above for a breakdown of how you can earn points.
Q: How do I earn a badge?
A: As soon as you contribute the first time, you will be awarded a badge recognizing your contribution. As your points add up, you will earn higher levels of badges, identifying you as a key influencer on our site.
Q: What is the leaderboard?
A: The leaderboard is an online listing of the top influencers on our site. As you accumulate points, your online name will appear on the leaderboard so other shoppers can look for your postings.
Q: Can I write an anonymous review?
A: Anonymous reviews do not earn points in our Experienced Guide Program. Please be sure to log in to your account before you write a review so that your points can be attributed to your account. Your privacy is always respected as your reviews are attributed to your online name, not your real name, unless you choose to use it.
Q: When are my points posted to my account?
A: Your points are posted to your account as soon as we publish your review or answer. All reviews and answers are moderated and approved before they are published, so there may be a short time gap before your points are posted.