Woolrich Mask

Wear, wash, and reuse; an innovative face mask cut from pure Merino wool with Woolrich branding on the seams. Engineered and designed for the best wearability experience, this mask offers high coverage with an adjustable elastic cord system, shapeable nose wire, and is lined with cotton jersey, tailored for your comfort. The lightweight material allows for breathability, while filtering efficiently, and offering hygienic protection. The mask comes with a plastic sealed bag with anti-bacterial treatment and a branded carrying pouch for storage.



    • Pure Merino wool
    • Filtration efficiency level > 70%
    • Tested for breathability efficiency
    • Tested by certified ISO 17025 laboratories for biocompatibility and safety of the materials
    • Washable up to 20 times
    • Branded carrying pouch for storage
    • REDA ZQ certified mulesing free Merino wool
    • MAIOCCHI 3 layer, non-removable filter, patented, tested and compliant to regulation for breathability and bacterial filtering
    • Seam-sealed Woolrich branding
    • Imported
    • Filter composition: 100% polypropylene
    • Notice: This mask is not personal protective equipment (respiratory protective device) nor a medical device (surgical mask) approved by EU and US regulations; the mask is not FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approved. Although the Woolrich face mask provides filtration efficiency, it will not protect from infections and does not replace the use of a medical-grade product or personal protective equipment. Wearing a face mask acts as a hygiene measure to reduce respiratory flow speed and droplet emission, contributing to inhibiting the spread of COVID-19. This face mask should not be used when a medical device or personal protective equipment is required by law.