Responsible Sourcing

Origin of Manufacturing

Although the Woolrich Mill in Pennsylvania closed its doors in 2018; we saved the archives dating back to the 1930s to keep the legacy alive and inspire not only our designers but also collaborators and contributors around the world. 

By preserving over 10,000 garments, upwards of 20,000 fabric swatches, and an extensive library of advertising ephemera to pay tribute to our long history and heritage while guaranteeing relevance to new generations. 

Our Sourcing Policy

We plan to increase the use of sustainable materials, concentrating mainly on recycled polyester, recycled nylon, organic cotton, and Responsible Wool Standard or Nativa wool. All of our down and feathers are from ducks and geese and are by-products of the food industry.

The down and feathers used in our supply chain are 100% traceable and are certified by the IDFL Laboratory and Institute, a global leader in testing and inspection according to the standards established by the European Down & Feather Association and the International Down and Feather Bureau.

Since Fall/Winter 21 we source only Responsible Down Standard (RDS) down and only Global Recycled Standard recycled down. In coming seasons, we look forward to having all our supply chains certified by the RDS standards.

Protection of Human Rights

Beyond legal compliance, we encourage and recommend participation in best practice labor initiatives and compliance with industry standards.



We have enlisted an internationally renowned certification company to help audit our supply chain by benchmarking our ethical and responsibility commitments, governance and environmental impact.

Our current goal is to audit all our vendors in the coming seasons.

Brand Mission and Values