Luxe Retreat to Nature

Garments made with Loro Piana Fabrics

Break away from the hustle and bustle of the city and step into mother nature with our garments. Luxe Retreat to Nature features garments with superior performance and that’s why we’ve chosen the renowned Italian luxury brand Loro Piana premium fabrics to bask in nature in style.

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Our history and heritage call for best-in-class selections for our garments. We chose Loro Piana, the Italian fabrics and clothing company specializing in high-end, cashmere and wool products treated using a unique process. A fail-safe choice to create pieces to withstand the rain, snow, or wind.

These wool garments are an emblem of polished design peppered with a dose of contemporary streetwear with a modern aesthetic. The outerwear receives a protective with a wind- and water-resistant finish manufactured in Italy by Loro Piana to power your getaway adventures. The pieces shine through with understated qualities that come off effortlessly pictured in a secluded setting that recalls a traditional outdoor spirit.

Must-haves for a getaway


The men’s Polar Luxury Eco Wool Parka is a practical piece with modern touch. Modeled after the brand’s iconic Arctic Parka, it’s crafted from the Blacksheep eco wool that’s treated with a wind- and water-resistant finish.



The women’s Luxury Wool Silk Parka couples performance and coziness with modern appeal. The comfy silhouette is rendered in a blend of wool and silk that’s treated with a wind- and water-resistant finish.


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