Elements Redux: Chapter One

Water: a multifaceted element that can be delicate yet rough; smooth yet unstable. This chapter is centered around the common life force focusing on the places you can explore while enjoying this element and still being protected in our gear. This series was photographed by Caroline Tompkins to investigate and visualize this shapeshifting element.

“We aimed to emphasize its physicality and represent the entire spectrum of qualities that water possesses, using body movement to mirror its elasticity and suggest a visionary approach to outdoor activities” remarked Tompkins.


Water is an element that is powerful, dangerous, and rugged with an alluring calmness. It represents and possesses qualities that fluidly nurture and destroy.

Splash and hop across stones, wander and discover the expansive great outdoors while staying dry in our Spring/Summer essentials.

Whether it be pouring rain or big storms – water is life’s driving force.


Behind the lens

Meet the photographer: Caroline Tompkins

The element of water was carefully captured by New York- based photographer Caroline Tompkins. Born in Ohio, Tompkins is currently a freelance photographer for editorial and commercial clients and a professor at the School of Visual Arts. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally and has been featured in the BBC, Vogue, and The New York Times among many others.

Photo credit: Molly Matalon

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