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Woolrich, whose apparel has been worn by explorers and adventurers since 1830, has teamed up with Jordan Hufnagel and James Crowe of adventure outfitter West America on an epic motorcycle odyssey from Whistler, BC to Patagonia and back.  The duo will be wearing Woolrich apparel while documenting their trip and have developed a capsule of apparel inspired by the journey.  Below is the a new post in a series of  report from the road.

After our friends and family left Panama, James and I still had a week and a half to look around before jumping on a sail boat to Colombia. We thought we’d get some bike maintenance done and see the southern Panamanian sights. After searching Panama City for some parts for a day we quickly realized that madness of that place was not for us. We decided to take off for the Caribbean coast stopping to check out the locks of the Panama Canal on the way. 

Trying to check out the locks from a free, non tourist corralled area proved fruitless. There are security guards all over the place and we finally conceded to patron the lookout tower with the rest of the tourist herd. Such an amazing site, and well worth it. 


Jumping back on the bikes, it took no time at all to get from the pacific to the Caribbean shore line. As we cruised the coastal road we found some incredible landscapes and laid back towns. They were a welcome change from the chaos of Panama City. 

We met a women that let us set up camp at her place for $4 a night called that home base for the rest of our time. It was awesome to get to take so much time in an area and check it all out. We consumed our days with dirt roads, beaches, bakeries, bike maintenance and playing with all the kids who were on summer break. 

While it was nice to get to relax a bit, James and I were growing incredibly anxious to get on that boat and start moving again!”

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Introducing Woolrich White – Available FALL 2014

Woolrich, the Original Outdoor Clothing Company, is proud to announce a new chapter in the brand’s iconic history. The Fall / Winter 2014 launch of Woolrich White will introduce a new contemporary men’s and women’s collection influenced by the company’s 183 year heritage and classic fabrications.

“Woolrich White will be a focused assortment of styles that are deeply influenced by our storied legacy. But it’s more than a take on classic pieces. We set out to design a collection that would be relevant to today’s modern customer while staying true to our outdoor roots,” said Josh W. Rich, Woolrich Executive Vice President.

Woolrich White, which features modern cuts and fitted silhouettes, is a direct link to the company’s vast archive and is inspired by the brand’s authenticity, craftsmanship and tradition of honoring the American landscape.
Continuing the brands commitment to increase its domestic manufacturing, many of the pieces from the Woolrich White collection utilize wool from the historic woolen mill in Woolrich, PA, the oldest vertically integrated woolen mill operating in the country. With a focus on outerwear, which
has always been synonymous with Woolrich, the collection includes a variety of jackets and vest as well as sportswear in various wool fabrications.

Also highlighted in the collection is the Patrol Series, a collection of down insulated parkas for men and women. The Patrol Series is inspired by the Patrol Parka, first introduced by Woolrich in 1976 as part of the “Woolrich Guide to Winter.” These modern interpretations include water repellent 5k/5k face fabric coupled with 650 goose down fill for the ultimate in warmth and comfort with a style that only Woolrich could offer.

Woolrich White will make its official debut at both Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City, Utah from January 22nd-25th and Liberty in New York City from January 21st – 23rd.

Woolrich Welcomes You To #TheFlannelLife

For generations, Woolrich flannel has stood for unbeatable warmth, uncompromised quality, and unwavering design. It’s the cozy, flannel-lined pants you reach for each morning to walk the dog. The incredibly soft pajamas you can’t wait to slip into at the end of a long day. And the beloved shirt that takes you from the backyard to the backcountry. Much more than this — it’s a way of life. The Flannel Life. Woolrich features dozens of new and time-tested products made from our 100% genuine Woolrich flannel. Consider each an invitation to join the Flannel Life, and visit us online at  Use #TheFlannelLife on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to share your love for Flannel and show us what the flannel life looks like to you… who knows you may even see yourself on one of our social media sites!




Stay Cool and Comfortable in Our Penn Mere Shirt

The new Penn Mere Shirt, with its subtle feminine print motif  of the mountain laurel flower, is a nod to our Pennsylvanian outdoor heritage. Whether you are enjoying a cup of coffee and a book on your porch, are meeting a friend for lunch, or are out with the family on a weekend adventure, this shirt will keep you cool and comfortable.

The Penn Mere’s lightweight 100% cotton dobby stays away from the skin for a soft, airy feel. With its adjustable three-quarter sleeves, it goes to great lengths for springtime versatility.

Shop for the Penn Mere Shirt and more in our Spring 2013 digital catalog.

View our digital version online and browse all our new spring styles and colors. For a free copy in the mail, sign-up here.

With These Hands – Raw Wool to Finished Fabric

Our tradition of custom-designed woolens dates back to our founder, John Rich. In 1830 he constructed his first woolen mill in Plum Run, Pennsylvania. From his mule cart, he sold his quality fabrics to loggers, miners, rivermen and trappers. By 1845, he expanded the mill and moved to what is now Woolrich, Pennsylvania.

Over the years, eight generations of his family have lived and worked amidst the same rural landscape of north     central Pennsylvania, not two miles from where John Rich erected his first woolen mill. It is in these roots that we find a deep commitment to producing premium American fabrics that are as functional today as they were in the mid-nineteenth century. Bales of raw wool still come in one end of the mill and, after a good deal of work, exit as  superior fabric.

Raw Wool –  raw wool enters our mill and after several processes is woven into the       superior fabric that is synonymous with Woolrich.
Yarn Dye Kettle – During this process the spun yarn is dyed to the correct color needed for weaving.  These large kettles can dye up to 150 spools of yarn at a time.  Dying time varies depending on color and weight of yarn.Cone Winding - Here the spun wool yarn is placed on cones.  Cones are conical shaped bobbins made of plastic or paper.  The speed of the bobbins is controlled so that a yarn with a soft even slub is ready for     weaving.

Warping - The warp is the yarn that runs lengthwise in a woven fabric. During this process the yarns are arranged in parallel order on a beam in  preparation for weaving.

Weaving Loom - On the weaving loom the warp beam is loaded and the yarns are run through heedles and reeds. The weft yarns are shot across the warp yarns with a shuttle completing the weaving of the fabric.

Burling/Mending Station - Removal of loose threads, knots, slubs, burs and other extraneous materials by means of a burling iron, a type of tweezers, occurs at the burling/mending station.  The trick is to remove the impurity without damaging the fabric.  After     weaving and prior to finishing, any lumps (burls), knots or loose threads are removed by hand.
Finished Fabric - Finished fabric is rolled on various bolts depending on final application.  Many bolts are shipped just  15 minutes away to our finishing facility and turned into the quality blankets which the  Woolrich name has become famous for worldwide.  Other fabric is cut and sent to crafters and civil war re-enactors.  A full line of fabric is available to purchase by-the-yard on our website at

For Rainy Days

This spring, rain will not keep you from exploring the outdoors. Whether you’re running errands downtown, watching a game outside, or hitting the trail, pack your storable Woolrich raincoat to keep yourself dry and comfortable.

Woolrich Packable Rain Gear

The Kristie Raincoat for women and the Wetland Raincoat for men are waterproof, windproof, breathable and packable jackets that will ensure you have a dry and comfortable spring. To see both our Women’s raincoats in all colors, click here.

To get inspired for rainy days, check out this Pinterest board and see why, when it rains, Woolrich shines.

Happy Presidents Day

Happy Presidents Day from Woolrich. Today, we’re featuring a photo retrospective of former Woolrich, Inc. Presidents dating back to founder and partner, John Rich.

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An open letter from Woolrich, Inc. President Nick Brayton

…Last week, at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market show in Salt Lake City, Utah, Woolrich, Inc. President Nicholas P. Brayton issued an open letter to the public on the company’s commitment to domestic manufacturing. Brayton’s open letter addresses the company’s current and past U.S. manufacturing challenges and outlines future strategic goals to bring manufacturing back to the historic Pennsylvania Woolen Mill… 


       Nicholas P. Brayton – President



It’s a popular thing to be manufacturing in the United States right now.  Companies of all sizes are listening to their consumers and their hearts, and finding a way to build it here again.

At Woolrich, we have been actively manufacturing in the United States since our company’s founding in 1830.  We proudly operate the oldest continually running mill in America, right here in the town of Woolrich.

As proud as we are of our manufacturing legacy, it’s true that we don’t make 100% of our products in the USA as we once did.  As the global economy grew and matured over the last 20 years, many core mill customers took their woolen business overseas.  To remain relevant, competitive and solvent, we made the same difficult choice.

In today’s world, the hard reality is that making things here is hard to do.  But like our customers who embrace adventure every day, Woolrich is preparing to tackle a new challenge… bringing manufacturing back to Pennsylvania, one step at a time.

Toward this end, Woolrich is setting three significant domestic manufacturing goals:  for our mill, for our customers, and for our brand.

1. To increase the yardage of wool produced in our woolen mill by 50% in 2013.

2. To introduce a 100% American-made apparel collection in Fall 2013.

3. To increase our American-made product offerings by 2015, ensuring that more than 50% of Woolrich Woolen garments proudly include American-made wool.

In the coming months, for Woolrich to set and accomplish these goals, it’s going to take more than a company commitment.  It’s going to take support from our loyal customers as well.

At Woolrich, we are proud of our rich heritage, and eager to begin writing the next chapter of the American manufacturing story.  Moreover, we are excited to work side by side with you to accomplish these worthwhile goals.




Nicholas P. Brayton


Woolrich Inc.

Legendary wool fabric, now sold by the yard

When John Rich II built his first mill on Little Plum Run in 1830, there were two urban centers in the Commonwealth: Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

The advent of a logging boom in the 1830s and 1840s spurred new industry and enterprise, largely supported by the area’s abundance of water resources. Lumber camps and timber yards popped up along rural Pennsylvania riverbanks.  In the 1860s, Pennsylvania was the nation’s leading lumbering state.

Taking advantage of the close-by market, Rich sold his wool fabric to loggers and lumberman off the back of a mule cart. At a time when spinning wheels and looms were standard fixtures in homes, Rich traveled camp-to-camp selling fabric to loggers’ wives who then turned the fabric into clothes.

More than 180 years later, Woolrich’s legacy for producing exceptional wool fabric endures.  Skilledtechnicians still practice the centuries-old craft at the fabled Woolen Mill in Woolrich, Pennsylvania. Now, for the first time in many years, Woolrich is continuing the tradition of offering premium wool fabrics in bulk yardage.

The fabric is proudly made at the company’s historic headquarters in Woolrich, Pennsylvania.  Now, the soft, American wool that’s been prized for its unmistakable quality for years is available on

Woolrich’s iconic 14oz. Historic Buffalo Check Wool Fabric, the 22-24 oz Pea Coat fabric, and the 21 oz Reenactment fabric are available online by the whole yard only with a minimum of one yard and a maximum of ten yards.

Orders for ten yards or more can be placed with our customer service department, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm EST, at 1-800-966-5372. Please note that as all fabric orders are custom cut, Woolrich® cannot accept exchanges or issue refunds for returns. All sales are final.

For more information or to order online, click here. 

Featured photo copyright Carl Corey, BLUE- A Portrait of the American Worker. 


What is a rebus? The highest form of riddle

Re-bus  noun ˈrē-bəs : a representation of words or syllables by pictures of objects or by symbols whose names resemble the intended words or syllables in sound; also: a riddle made up of such pictures or symbols. (

This modern word play relies on the sounds of words rather than the spelling; symbols replace letters and can be read up and down, in addition to left to right.

The Pabst Corporation first popularized rebus puzzles, after they used the visual puzzles to promote Lone Star Beer. The puzzles popped up under the caps of National BohemianLucky LagerFalstaff, OlympiaRainierHaffenrefferKasselPearl, Regal, BallantineMickey’sLionsheadNarragansett and Texas Pride during the 1970s and the 1980s.

Inspired by the Pabst Corporation’s efforts, Woolrich has hidden three rebus puzzles in the new digital catalog,  Each rebus puzzle translates to its own independent  “solution” when solved.

As you’ll notice, each rebus is missing one clue that is very helpful to solving the puzzle.  To learn the missing clue, stay tuned to the Woolrich Facebook page.

Find and solve each of the American-themed puzzles “woven” into the fabric of the site, and submit all three solutions for a chance to win one of 100 American-made prizes.

Submit your three solutions by email to or by US mail to Woolrich American Riddle, PO Box 1834, Waitsfield, VT, 05673.

Please include your full name, email address and phone number.  These will only be used for the purpose of contacting you in the event you are selected as a winner.  Please see our privacy policy for additional information.

Correct solutions must be postmarked on or before January 31, 2013, or received electronically by 11:59 p.m. EST to be entered in a prize drawing for one of 100 American-made prizes, including 25 Woolrich Fawn Grove blankets; 50 pairs of Woolrich socks, 20 Woolrich Calendars featuring imagery of the mill in action, and five Woolrich iPad cases. Winners will be notified on or around February 15.