Ryan Struck is a New York-based surf photographer that spends a good portion of his winter chasing swells around the Northeast in search of perfect waves. Although fickle conditions and freezing temperatures often make his job difficult, Ryan still manages to find himself in the right place at the right time more often than not.

We recently caught up with Ryan after a post-winter surf, and he was kind enough to share some words and photos with us about being a surf photographer in the Northeast.

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For a surfer living in the Northeast, winter is the season we all look forward to. Big storms, lots of waves, and plenty of tubes.

As a photographer, the same is true. A healthy snow storm inspires me the most–there’s nothing quite like a fresh blanket of snow to turn the beach into a place of wonder.

Below are a just a few of the magic moments I’ve caught over the years.






…winter is the season we all look forward to. Big storms, lots of waves, and plenty of tubes.





My top 5 essentials for shooting surf in the winter:

1. A sense of adventure and burning desire to photograph frozen waves.
2. Canon 5d and 70-200mm lens for shooting action from the beach.
3. My Woolrich Arctic Parka, keeps me warm with nothing but a button up underneath.
4. My trusty pair of snow boots and some Woolrich socks.
5. A 5mm wetsuit, boots and gloves for staying warm in the water.