Alexandra is wearing our classic Woolrich Women’s Flannel Over Shirt

Woolrich created a video series around four tastemakers that were filmed in their neighborhoods in New York and Toronto to discover what drives their passion and their love for the city they live in.  Meet Alexandra Climent, our second feature in the “Discover My City” series as we explore her story and share her successes.


Alexandra is wearing our classic Woolrich Women’s Banff Eskimo and Women’s Flannel Over Shirt

Alexandra Climent is a woodworker based in Brooklyn, New York and the founder of Sustainably Sliced, a woodworking and furniture design company that uses only sustainably sourced exotic wood.  Each piece is selected, designed, worked, and hand finished by Alexandra at her wood shop.  Follow along as we spend time with Alexandra in her woodworking studio, visit her favorite bookstore and travel across Brooklyn on her Vespa to visit her local hangout for a game of pinball.


“Inspiration comes from a lot of places, but I would say mostly for me, it comes from traveling.  I found myself down in the jungle and I saw this really beautiful wood and I wanted to share it’s beauty with the world.”


Alexandra is wearing our Woolrich Women’s Banff Eskimo, Women’s Stretch Eskimo,
Women’s Flannel Over Shirt and Women’s Denim Shirt


To learn more about Alexandra, visit her website here