The Woolrich x Deus E-bike, originally presented in an exclusive preview at Pitti Imagine Uomo in June 2016, is now available for purchase in the U.S. through our Soho store.

The bike has an aggressive look and a sporty grip, and is built entirely by hand in Italy by DeusCycleworks – an Australian-born brand specializing in motorcycles, bicycles, and surfboards.

Designed for ultimate durability and as stylish as any bike on the market, the e-bike perfectly encapsulates what makes each brand unique — a double matrix of outdoor style mixed with urban flair. Its “fat” tires make it adept at not only traversing your favorite trail runs, but also at navigating around the city with incredible ease. And, a completely integrated pedal-assist system gives you a true electric bike with an overall weight of less than 33 pounds, a peculiarity for a bike of this type.

Custom orders are available through the Woolrich Soho store. Price upon request. Please call (646) 371-9968 for more details.