WOOLRICH x West America – IX

Woolrich, whose apparel has been worn by explorers and adventurers since 1830, has teamed up with Jordan Hufnagel and James Crowe of adventure outfitter West America on an epic motorcycle odyssey from Whistler, BC to Patagonia and back.  The duo will be wearing Woolrich apparel while documenting their trip and have developed a capsule of apparel inspired by the journey.  Below is the a new post in a series of  report from the road.


“The ferry ride to Mazatlan was a much needed rest. We both passed out pretty much the whole way and woke to an amazing sunrise as we got closer to the mainland. The bikes needed some love after 1500 miles of dusty desert roads so we found a hostel that would let us catch up on maintenance and work. Neither of us like being in cities much, but luckily the beach was just a minute away and we were able to get some swims in between wrenching on the bikes.

With fresh oil and tune ups we where ready to make some distance again. The mainland was a hole different world, wide roads, new cars and vegetation was a nice change. We worked our way down the coastal highway 200 spending our first night getting eaten alive by sand flies after our map showed a detour that dead ended at a dump on a lagoon. It was too late to backtrack so we just suffered through the night. We woke up bummed and had to ride an hour back to the main road. By the time we made it to Sayulita we where both ready to call it a day and found a nice camp spot up on the hill above town. After setting up camp we got our swim gear on and headed to the beach.  As luck would have it we ran into an old friend that we had no idea was living down south for the winter. She was stoked to show us around and took us out of town to an amazing deserted beach where we continued practicing our body surfing for the afternoon.

We had been warned about the two states bellow us, Michoacan and Guerrero. They were both described as lawless states and that we should avoid if possible. After a little discussion we decided to stay on the coast and hope for the best. Our experience was mixed but for the most part everything went smooth. We got off the main road by accident a couple times and where reminded very quickly that we shouldn’t be there. Just like anywhere in the states there are places you avoid. The roads where deserted and there were no police anywhere so we could ride however we wanted. We made good time, and made sure we got into decent towns to spend the night. We got lucky and found some nice small beach towns where we could set up our hammocks for cheep. We had made it through the no go zone and where stoked on the experience. Almost everyone we met put off a very warm and welcoming vibe, but you could tell there was a lot of tensions between the people and the military.”

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