Meet the guys behind

“Two brothers bridging the gap between nature and the modern pursuit.” Black Owl Outdoors is comprised of two brothers from Pennsylvania who have an unrelenting passion for the outdoors. And part of that passion manifests in video form. Stony, the eldest of the two, is the one behind the camera (above at left); and the younger, Krik, is the one in front. Their videos range from plant identification, to bushcraft, to outdoor adventures, to outdoor equipment reviews. “One of our goals is to share the beauty of nature. We understand there are lots of folks who want to spend more time outdoors and are unable to do so. So, when you can’t get outside, we hope to provide a gateway,” says Krik. And by capturing that beauty, the brothers hope to bring awareness to natural resource protection and preservation. “There’s a value in nature that can’t be described or quantified. We want to do our part in preserving these wild places for generations to come.”


You can find their entire library of videos and photography at  And check back here monthly as we will feature videos, photos and stories from the guys as they continue the outdoor adventure that is Black Owl Outdoors!


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