WOOLRICH x West America – PART V – Crossing into Mexico

Woolrich, whose apparel has been worn by explorers and adventurers since 1830, has teamed up with Jordan Hufnagel and James Crowe of adventure outfitter West America on an epic motorcycle odyssey from Whistler, BC to Patagonia and back.  The duo will be wearing Woolrich apparel while documenting their trip and have developed a capsule of apparel inspired by the journey.  Below is the a new post in a series of  report from the road.


“Leaving San Diego early in the morning and riding for the boarder was a mixed bag of feelings. So many unknowns lie ahead and every scenario runs through your head, good and bad.  We rolled over the boarder without stopping, no passport check, no inspections, nothing. We weaved our way through the boarder town craziness and took a small two lane road into the country.  The first military check came up in the horizon and my mind races. All you hear about are negative things, crooked cops and 16 year old military personal with AKs asking for bribes. The officials could not have been nicer. They all seam to want to talk about the bikes and where you are going and coming from.

An hour down the road we got to our first dirt section that would take us to San Felipe. A month before we got to Baja they received heavy rains that did a lot of damage to the roads, the riding was fast and loose, out of nowhere sections of road where washed out. No markers to tell you anything, nothing could be assumed.  The reality of the terrain sunk in fast and a couple high speed slams into ditches had us humbled and dropping the speed. The feeling of being fully responsible for your decisions and not expecting any warnings was invigorating.  

We got to San Felipe in the dark and spent the first night on a platform above the beach overlooking the gulf. Morning greeted us with sunshine and a beautiful sunrise. We had a 100 miles of pavement to ride before reaching dirt again. Todays ride was going to take us to Cocos corner, then meet up with part of the Baja 1000 course.

Cocos corner is a famous location in a remote section of Baja that I have wanted to visit ever since watching early racing footage from the 1000. His property is full of racing history from the last several decades, and Coco is a character full of charm. It was an honor to met him in person.

From Cocos we raced off into the hills. The Baja 1000 was only a couple weeks prior, so the course was as beat as it gets. Huge whoops, mud holes and endless sand filled the rest of the day. The learning curve in the sand was steep and plenty of wipe outs had us drenched in sweet trying to kick over flooded bikes.  By the end of the day we where beat but stoked to have seen such a beautiful section of Baja. Jordan’s headlights had failed so we had to take a shortcut into bay of LA to beat the darkness.

Another perfect night on the beach sleeping under the stars. It feels like there are twice the amount of stars that I’m used to in Baja’s night sky.”

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