An open letter from Woolrich, Inc. President Nick Brayton

…Last week, at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market show in Salt Lake City, Utah, Woolrich, Inc. President Nicholas P. Brayton issued an open letter to the public on the company’s commitment to domestic manufacturing. Brayton’s open letter addresses the company’s current and past U.S. manufacturing challenges and outlines future strategic goals to bring manufacturing back to the historic Pennsylvania Woolen Mill… 


       Nicholas P. Brayton – President



It’s a popular thing to be manufacturing in the United States right now.  Companies of all sizes are listening to their consumers and their hearts, and finding a way to build it here again.

At Woolrich, we have been actively manufacturing in the United States since our company’s founding in 1830.  We proudly operate the oldest continually running mill in America, right here in the town of Woolrich.

As proud as we are of our manufacturing legacy, it’s true that we don’t make 100% of our products in the USA as we once did.  As the global economy grew and matured over the last 20 years, many core mill customers took their woolen business overseas.  To remain relevant, competitive and solvent, we made the same difficult choice.

In today’s world, the hard reality is that making things here is hard to do.  But like our customers who embrace adventure every day, Woolrich is preparing to tackle a new challenge… bringing manufacturing back to Pennsylvania, one step at a time.

Toward this end, Woolrich is setting three significant domestic manufacturing goals:  for our mill, for our customers, and for our brand.

1. To increase the yardage of wool produced in our woolen mill by 50% in 2013.

2. To introduce a 100% American-made apparel collection in Fall 2013.

3. To increase our American-made product offerings by 2015, ensuring that more than 50% of Woolrich Woolen garments proudly include American-made wool.

In the coming months, for Woolrich to set and accomplish these goals, it’s going to take more than a company commitment.  It’s going to take support from our loyal customers as well.

At Woolrich, we are proud of our rich heritage, and eager to begin writing the next chapter of the American manufacturing story.  Moreover, we are excited to work side by side with you to accomplish these worthwhile goals.




Nicholas P. Brayton


Woolrich Inc.


6 thoughts on “An open letter from Woolrich, Inc. President Nick Brayton

  1. Mike Dollinger

    I am very happy to read the news of your commitment to manufacturing in the USA. I have a small tailor shop in Indiana and have been using your products since the early 1980’s Thankyou for your quality and helpful personel.

  2. lynn mowrey

    Happy to hear that more inventory will be USA made in the future. I assume along with the change will come a price increase as well! Guess we will have to wait and see won’t we!! By the way I have been trying to find a piece of “medicine bow” wool to complete my grand kids “Christmas Stockings”. The grand kids now number 5 and only 2 have the stockings of that pattern. Any chance that you will be bringing some of the older wool patterns back?? Would like to see that happen. Good Luck with your new venture to turn things around.

  3. Priscilla Vaughan

    I want to commend you for this brave step . I am an ardent Woolrich fan who has been so disappointed in the number of imported items the company offers.I am a Pennsylvanian and it makes me so sad to see such an outstanding American legend giving Pennsylvania’s jobs and livelihood to other countries.
    I collect vintage woolrich….with “made in the USA” a mandatory description on each label.I have always been impressed with the quality of every item I have purchased.
    Thank you for standing up for our state and country.I will continue to support woolrich with great pride

  4. Vicki Shoemaker

    I am so glad to hear this, I remember when the mill had 3 shifts and Roswell Brayton Sr. roamed the halls and was ever so proud of our wools.

  5. Steven Tatar

    Three cheers to Mr. Brayton and the entire Woolrich family for their ongoing efforts to continue to make great products in America! Like Woolrich, the Ohio Knitting Mills also is an American producer of textiles and apparel, though a relatively younger company of a (mere) 85 years. As the current president of Ohio Knitting Mills, I can attest to the extraordinary challenges of making our goods in the USA; both from a cost competitive as well as supply-chain perspective. But we feel it is worth it, and well, it’s just what we do. Like Mr Brayton does in his letter, I ask our customers to think beyond the price of the garment, and consider as well the true costs of “cheap.” What we all gain by keeping our manufacturing local is an opportunity to participate in the social commerce of making things, being part of a community of industry- which to me is at the heart of our culture- and ideally, the pleasure of owning and using products that not only embody the essence of who we are, but are of such quality that over time, they are actually more cost-effective than poorly made “disposable” products.


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