Get Out More this fall–The Propsters report in

Woolrich has been a proud sponsor of Backpacker Magazine’s Get Out More Tour for the last five years. In 2012, the tour will stop at more than sixty outdoor specialty retailers throughout the country. Between tour stops, the Propsters took time out to reflect on trading shorts for pants amidst the colorful landscape of fall.

…You might not need to dust off your Mountain Parka just yet, but you should definitely prep your Andes Vest and Vector Jacket, roll the sleeves back down on your Cross Country Tech Shirt and trade out your Obstacle Shorts for your Obstacle Pants because autumn is here!  We absolutely love the fall.  There may not be a better time to get outside.

Amber and gold is slowly overtaking the green in the trees and the rain of leaves on our tent throughout the night has an amazing power to induce the deepest of sleeps. The days are warm, not hot.  The nights are cool, not cold. Campgrounds are quiet, trailheads aren’t crowded and the search for backcountry solitude far less elusive.

Sure there are a few challenges that coincide with the changing of the seasons.  The October issue of Backpacker Magazine, the annual Survival Issue is full of stories reminding us that the wilderness can be unforgiving, and we definitely find ourselves paying more attention to our feet with the added difficulty of leaf coated trails that so stealthily hide all the roots and rocks that we would otherwise recognize as potential ankle breakers (for more of our thoughts about the risk/reward proposition of backpacking in the fall check out our recent blog post).

For us, the challenges of fall simply add to our already heightened sense of awareness.  Our eyes, ears and nose are already in overdrive this time of year as the colors, sounds and scents are ever changing throughout the autumn landscape.

If you stay alert and go in prepared the wilderness can be an extremely inviting place this time of year, so check out the fall offerings from Woolrich, and put a system of layers together that will keep you cozy in the ever-changing weather conditions and search out a trailhead near you.  Let your senses take over, soak in the natural beauty and connect with nature.  You may just find the experience changes you as rapidly as autumn changes the landscape.

For a video highlighting some of our favorite Woolrich selections click here.

See you outside,

Sheri and Randy Propster



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