Postmarked Pulpit: a fan mail flashback

Long before the days of customer service live chats and Facebook fan pages, before online customer reviews and twitter followers; there was fan mail. Customer satisfaction was expressed in handwritten words; letters were addressed and postmarked with care.¬†Every now and then the Wooly Pulpit takes a tour through the famed Woolrich Archives for the classic images, advertisements and correspondence that define the 180 year-old brand’s history.

Take this note, from Lynda McKibben dated January 5, 1982. There’s a lot that’s noteworthy about this note, particularly the address line…proof that there’s only one Woolrich.

In this 1981 fan letter addressed to “President,” Woolrich, Inc., the scribe details his thirty years of loyalty to the brand, including his thirty year-long love affair with his original Hunter’s Jacket, purchased in New York City in the 1940s.

An excerpt: “…And as I write this to you, I thought you would be please to know that I still own and wear that same jacket. Of course, during those many years, I have acquired all types of outerwear. However, the hunter’s jacket is the one that has survived a lifetime of wear and I appreciate such service…”



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