The lure of fly fishing: Five questions with Woolrich designer Steven Fuller

Woolrich designer Steven Fuller’s outdoor life began in New England, grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and lives today in the rolling mountains of central Pennsylvania.   A passionate angler, hiker and conservationist, Fuller’s outdoor life began early on the waters around Martha’s Vineyard, as family and fishing were an inseparable pair.   He grew up on the plains of eastern Washington, and followed the waters there to Puget Sound, to Seattle, and to the inspirational peaks and rivers of the Olympic Peninsula.

Although Steven occasionally travels to find his fishing quarry …  it’s clear he has always been a fan of Pennsylvania legendary fly fishing,

What are a couple of your favorite spots?

SF:  Penns creek, the narrows section on Fishing Creek and a few ‘nameless’ local mountain streams nearby.

What rod/reel do you prefer in Pennsylvania?   Lightweight gear like a 2/3 weight?   Or something beefier like a 9 foot 6/7?

SF:  Depends on what I’m throwing.  If I’m throwing “the meat” — big streamers — I’ll use a 6 or 7 weight rod with a sinking tip.   If I’m on a small mountain stream going after native brook trout I’ll use a 7-foot-6 3-weight.   Most of the time, though, my all around will be a 4 or 5 weight.

If you had only one fly to use in Pennsylvania what would it be?

SF:  A streamer of some sort.  I’ve got a fly that George Daniels (local, former US Fly Fishing team captain) gave me called “the Kraken.”  It’s this big ugly articulated fly that I’ve used to catch some of the biggest trout I’ve ever seen when the rivers are a little high and off-color.  That’s what I call throwing  “the meat”. It’s like dangling a big steak in front of fish that you would not normally see.

What’s the closest, best fishing to your office?

SF:   I can almost go in any direction from here and find great fishing.  Small Mountain streams are everywhere around here.

Do you wear Woolrich in the field?

SF:  Of course. I’m always wear testing something.


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