Woolrich and the "Get Out More Tour" connection

For the last five years, Woolrich has been a proud sponsor  of the “Get Out More Tour,” a one-of-a-kind mobile tour that brings to life the world of backpacking and camping.

In 2012, the tour will stop at more than sixty outdoor specialty retailers throughout the country.  At each stop, the all-star team of Randy and Sherri Propster host a lively and interactive 75-minute seminar where the audience gets to check-out the latest in outdoor gear and apparel, to win great outdoor prizes, and to learn new skills from the experts themselves.   Of course, between the tour stops, the Propsters’ head into the backcountry to keep their skills sharp.

With upcoming “Get Out More Tour” presentations in Ohio and Virginia … including one during Appalachian Trail Days in Damascus… Sherri Propster took a few moments to send the Wooly Pulpit a few of her thoughts.

As we prepare ourselves for another multi-day backpacking trip and we begin to organize our essential system of insulation, we can’t help but think about just how connected we are.  We are more connected than ever these days; connected by the ever-expanding coverage of modern conveniences like cell phones, and the improvements in satellite technology allowing us to always be in-reach, but we’re not thinking about those types of connections.

We’re not even thinking about the fact that we’re almost connected at the hip when you consider that we’ve spent twenty-four seven with each other since the “Get Out More Tour “hit the road last month.  The connection that is on our minds is a connection to Woolrich.

Sure we will be enjoying the benefits of staying warm and dry in our apparel from the clothing Brand known as Woolrich while we are out exploring the Pine Mountain Trail, but the threads in our apparel’s fabric are only the beginning when it comes to the Woolrich connections that are on our minds.

We are thinking about connections at a deeper level than simply the fact that the polyester and merino wool blend in our next-to-skin layers and the Hydromax Ultra in our Shells were creatively conceived in the Pennsylvania town to our north.

We are thinking about the deep connections that bring us together with the brand, the town, and the people of Woolrich, thanks to the creation of America’s next long distance footpath.  Woolrich is over a thousand foot miles north of us, but we’re as connected as ever to the small mill town because it is slowly but surely becoming a reality that we could backpack from here on the Kentucky and Virginia border all the way to Woolrich thanks to the development of the Great Eastern Trail.

We’ve been exploring numerous miles of trails that will create the connections to Woolrich since the 2012 Get Out More Tour hit the road down in southern Alabama.  We kicked off the tour exploring Conecuh National Forest where the Great Eastern Trail’s southern terminus will connect with the Florida National Scenic Trail. We will continue to explore sections of the trail all the way up to and through Woolrich as we make our way to the Finger Lakes Region of New York where the Great Eastern Trail’s northern terminus will connect with the North Country National Scenic Trail.

Once completed, the Great Eastern Trail will create a trail that will become a critical link in the massive network of trails in this country, a link that will make it possible to walk a continuous path from southern Florida, up to and through the town of Woolrich, all the way to North Dakota.

We can’t help but feel connected to Woorich, and not simply because it will soon be possible to walk there from here.  Creating a trail of this magnitude takes an enormous effort and support from many levels and Woolrich connects us to many of them.

The 2012 Tour is looking forward to visiting Woolrich the first week of June, check out our tour Schedule at http://www.getoutmoretour.com/tour-info/ for an event near you.

See you outside,

Sheri and Randy Propster





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