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The lure of fly fishing: Five questions with Woolrich designer Steven Fuller

Woolrich designer Steven Fuller’s outdoor life began in New England, grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and lives today in the rolling mountains of central Pennsylvania.   A passionate angler, hiker and conservationist, Fuller’s outdoor life began early on the waters around Martha’s Vineyard, as family and fishing were an inseparable pair.   He grew up on the plains of eastern Washington, and followed the waters there to Puget Sound, to Seattle, and to the inspirational peaks and rivers of the Olympic Peninsula.

Although Steven occasionally travels to find his fishing quarry …  it’s clear he has always been a fan of Pennsylvania legendary fly fishing,

What are a couple of your favorite spots?

SF:  Penns creek, the narrows section on Fishing Creek and a few ‘nameless’ local mountain streams nearby. Continue reading


Iconic soda fountain draws a crowd in West Yellowstone

Eagle’s Store, located at the northeast entrance of Yellowstone Park, is the oldest business in West Yellowstone and Woolrich’s oldest customer west of the Mississippi.  At the turn of the twentieth century and in the midst of the American gold rush, the Eagle family made a unique investment  — adding a soda fountain to their small Montana storefront.

Prior to 1910, the family owned-and-operated store provided pioneer families with groceries, hardware, curios, dry goods and drugs.   Today, not only is Eagle’s Store continuing to thrive, but that same soda fountain — and its long and colorful history — remains one of the store’s most enjoyable attractions.

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Woolrich and the "Get Out More Tour" connection

For the last five years, Woolrich has been a proud sponsor  of the “Get Out More Tour,” a one-of-a-kind mobile tour that brings to life the world of backpacking and camping.

In 2012, the tour will stop at more than sixty outdoor specialty retailers throughout the country.  At each stop, the all-star team of Randy and Sherri Propster host a lively and interactive 75-minute seminar where the audience gets to check-out the latest in outdoor gear and apparel, to win great outdoor prizes, and to learn new skills from the experts themselves.   Of course, between the tour stops, the Propsters’ head into the backcountry to keep their skills sharp.

With upcoming “Get Out More Tour” presentations in Ohio and Virginia … including one during Appalachian Trail Days in Damascus… Sherri Propster took a few moments to send the Wooly Pulpit a few of her thoughts.

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Active, historic Pennsylvania mill draws eye of reporters

There are numerous things that draw people to Pennsylvania … the living history of Philadelphia, the rugged forests of the Appalachian Trail, the family-friendly attractions of Hershey Park.

And the town of Woolrich.

In addition to the Woolrich flagship store, the town of Woolrich is home to the oldest continually running mill in America … a made-in-America story that has become an intriguing must-see for earnest reporters and photographers. Continue reading