Woolrich goes to Washington

Joining more than 50 leaders of the outdoor industry, Woolrich headed to the nation’s capitol this week to stand tall for America’s best known and best loved outdoor areas  … as well as American’s need for straightforward, reasonable access to those places to play.

As both family members and the leading decision makers at Woolrich,  Nick Brayton (president) and Josh Rich (vice-president, international) represented the family-run company at the OIA Capitol Summit, participating in a full day of meetings with legislators on Capitol Hill.    

More than just places to hike, camp and fish, America’s outdoor “playgrounds” are the driving force behind a $289 billion economic driver that includes more than 6.5 million jobs.    Brayton reinforced that message in a strong editorial published yesterday in a leading outdoor industry newsletter:

“…In Pennsylvania, the outdoor experience has been a part of the fabric of life since well before John Rich founded our company in the 1830s. The state is home to 229 miles of the Appalachian Trail, the growing Great Eastern Trail and the Mid-State Trail — a scenic spur which takes hikers into to the town of Woolrich, within a few hundred yards of the oldest continually running mill in America. The state is overflowing with blue-ribbon fisheries and world-class hunting terrain, and its legendary autumn foliage season brings hundreds of thousands of outdoor enthusiasts through our 17 million acres of forests. 

The ability of destinations — in Pennsylvania as well as in the rest of the country — to inspire people to get outside early and often is the cornerstone of everything we do in the outdoor industry. It’s what drives people to buy a warm Woolrich jacket, but it’s also essential to the local diners and hotels, shops and guides, and the many specialty retailers that provide the backbone for our industry ….”

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