Hawk Mountain sanctuary staff to sport Woolrich gear

When you visit Hawk Mountain Raptor Sanctuary this season, keep one eye on the skies and one on the trails.   As announced last week, Hawk Mountain’s team of bird counters and researchers will be outfitted with Woolrich gear.   Not only will the rugged outdoor gear shield the staff from the occasionally grueling weather of the summit, but it’ll also connect the dots between a pair of veteran Pennsylvania brands.

In the open hunting era of the 1920’s,  “Hawk Mountain” in central Pennsylvania became a destination for erstwhile bird hunters who flocked to the area, shooting migrating raptors.   It was easy pickings for hunters, as an average of 20,000 raptors of all kinds migrated through the area each autumn.

However …In the early 1930’s, New York conservationist Rosalie Edge dedicated herself to ending the killings.    In 1934, she leased 1,400 acres on and around Hawk Mountain mountain, posted signs and worked diligently to halt the raptor hunting.  In 1938 she purchased the land and deeded it to the non-profit, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association.

Hawk Mountain remains one of the most recognized hawk migration vantage points in the United States with an average of 20,000 raptors migrating through the area each fall.

Scientists from around the world collaborate with Hawk Mountain personnel at their Acopian Center for Conservation Learning to carefully study these crucial bioindicators at the top of the food chain.

Their partnership with Woolrich, a company committed to hardy, purposeful design, is an ideal match for Hawk Mountain.  In addition to uniforms, the partners plan to create limited edition retail items in an effort to raise funds for the sanctuary.

“We’re excited to be teaming up with Woolrich,” said Jerry Regan, President of Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association. “Our organizations have run similar paths as pioneers in the Pennsylvania outdoors, and together we’ll be able to protect and study raptors for generations to come.”

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LINK: Woolrich, The Original Outdoor Clothing Company






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