Debutante Hunters: True Mothers of Nature

As seemingly unlikely as pedicures and pistols, a group of southern belles … who grew up hunting, shooting and enjoying the wonders of nature … are telling their colorful story.   In a film by non-hunting director and friend, Maria White, The Debutante Hunters premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, documenting the rugged side of growing up female in the Deep South.

A documentary drenched more in tradition and appreciation than the art of the kill, The Debutante Hunters highlights the wildlife conservation efforts of a circle of friends.

“It isn’t about shooting and killing things,” explains one of the blonde-haired, camo-wearing stars of the film, “it’s as much about nature– like listening to the woods wake up in the morning.”

LINK:   The Debutante Hunters, Facebook


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