Remembering the legacy of birdman Clifford L. Jones

For Clifford L Jones, birding was a life-long passion.

As a child, a favorite aunt implanted a love of wildlife into his young heart.  Becoming an avid bird watcher as a child, Jones endured some teasing from friends during high school.  But he re-embraced his passion in adulthood, traveling to 55 countries as an active conservationist and bird advocate.

As a key staff member for both Maurice Broun (the first warden and curator of Hawk Mountain) and Glenn Bowers (former executive director of the Pennsylvania Game Commission), Jones was instrumental in building modern hawk protection laws, as well as support for the horned owl.  He served on multiple conservation boards and earned several awards and recognitions, including four honorary doctoral degrees, before his passing on May 6, 2008.

Friends recall his strong desire to always remain useful and productive.  Jones served on the Hawk Mountain Association Board, creating a campaign to fund the visitor center; and he also created the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation, an organization committed to promoting local volunteerism through recreation and education.

Clifford L. Jones and Pennsylvania conservation will forever be intertwined. This birdman’s legacy remains evident as the proliferation of the species continues to improve.

LINK: Hawk Mountain
LINK: Pennsylvania Parks and Forests


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