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Keeping time with the enduring style of the Railroad Vest

In 1859, the iron tracks of the Sunbury & Erie Railroad stretched to Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, bringing regular train service within a few miles of the Woolrich mill.   Yet while regular train service brought a massive building boom to central Pennsylvania, that wasn’t its only legacy.  It also inspired the creation of one of Woolrich’s most enduring designs:  the Railroad Vest.

Also known as the “Utility Vest,” the original styling is graced with rough charcoal wool, and a light grey pinstripe.   The material is thick enough to feel immediately warm and durable, yet smooth enough to make the call for an evening out on the town.  As appealing as the material is … it’s the pockets that make this piece truly tick.   Today’s wearers turn to the Woolrich Railroad Vest to stash their iPhones, business cards, notebooks, screwdrivers, flyboxes, digital cameras and more.

But originally, it was all about the pocket watch.  Continue reading


Growing up Woolrich

“…my earliest memories are of growing up in the village of Woolrich where my father walked to work and most of my friends’ parents worked in the mill.   My cousin John William Rich and I used to sneak into the wool shed where huge 500-pound bales of wool were stored, and we would jump from one stack to another.   It was hard for the watchman to catch us since we knew every possible escape route across the roof of the mill…”

— Roswell Brayton Jr. (1952-2007), Exceprted from “Woolrich, 175 Years of Excellence”, by Doug Truax


Hawk Mountain sanctuary staff to sport Woolrich gear

When you visit Hawk Mountain Raptor Sanctuary this season, keep one eye on the skies and one on the trails.   As announced last week, Hawk Mountain’s team of bird counters and researchers will be outfitted with Woolrich gear.   Not only will the rugged outdoor gear shield the staff from the occasionally grueling weather of the summit, but it’ll also connect the dots between a pair of veteran Pennsylvania brands. Continue reading


Remembering the legacy of birdman Clifford L. Jones

For Clifford L Jones, birding was a life-long passion.

As a child, a favorite aunt implanted a love of wildlife into his young heart.  Becoming an avid bird watcher as a child, Jones endured some teasing from friends during high school.  But he re-embraced his passion in adulthood, traveling to 55 countries as an active conservationist and bird advocate. Continue reading