Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my ordering information secure?
A: All transactions are transferred utilizing Secure Socket Layering (SSL) technology to encrypt and protect your information from misuse, alteration, loss, or access from other Internet users as it travels through the Internet channels from your computer. The information is then passed through our secure servers and stored in our databases, which are secured even further behind "firewall" protection. For more information about privacy and security, please click here .
Q: Will my personal information remain private and confidential?
A. Your privacy and security is the primary concern to us here at Woolrich. We are committed to ensuring the highest level of consumer confidence and security through responsible use and maintenance of information. For more information about privacy and security, please click here .
Q: Why does Woolrich require a security code for credit card purchases?
A. With the purpose of providing an additional level of security to our customers, now requires that all customers provide their credit card security code when purchasing. This code is not part of the credit card number itself and is not stored at any time in our system. The security code is simply an added security measure intended to protect against credit card fraud. Since the security code appears exclusively on the card itself, the purchaser must actually be in possession of the card to be able to supply the number.
Q: How can I unsubscribe if I no longer wish to receive Woolrich email or catalogs?
A. If you would like to unsubscribe or change your preferences, please click here .
Q: Will my family & friends see the price of an item when I ship a gift directly to them?
A. When shipping items to an address that is different from your billing address, Woolrich does not list the price of the products. This ensures that if the item is a gift, the product price will not be displayed to the recipient.
Q: What are the shipping rates?
A. Woolrich offers three shipping options for delivery within the United States: Standard, Three Business Day Express, and Two Business Day Express. (We're sorry, we do not offer Saturday delivery.) For more information on our shipping charges and delivery, please click here .
Q: How does Woolrich charge for tax?
A. We are required by law to collect state and local taxes on deliveries to those states where we are located. We will add sales tax based on the total amount of the order, including shipping, for orders shipped to the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington State, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

For orders shipped to Pennsylvania, we will collect state and local taxes on the entire order except for clothing and footwear items.

Shipments to Canada will be subject to applicable duties and taxes collected by the Canadian government, along with any brokerage fees collected by the delivery service. All duties and extra taxes are the responsibility of the delivery recipient.
Q: Does Woolrich offer gift boxing?
A. Yes. You can select the gift box option after choosing the proper size and color for any garment you add to your shopping basket. While reviewing your shopping basket, you are reminded to input a short text message. This personal message is handwritten by a professional here at Woolrich and will be included within the gift box. One item per gift box. Each gift box is $6 extra. Click here for more details on gift boxing.
Q: I have a promotion code, when and where do I enter it?
A. Promotion codes may be entered during our checkout process. Sorry, we can accept only one promotional code per order.
Q: I would prefer to pay by check or money order, is there a way I can do so?
A. To make a purchase using a check or money order, just fill out our Order Form and mail it, along with your check or money order, to the address listed below. (This form is in a PDF format. If you are unable to view this form, download Acrobat Reader and install it on your computer.)

Woolrich Catalog Orders
Two Mill Street
Woolrich, PA 17779
Fax:(570) 769-6234
Q: What is my Woolrich size?
A. To find the proper fit, please visit our Sizing Chart .
Q: Do you carry petite, tall, or extended sizes?
A. For some products, we do carry extended sizes, which include petite and 2XL for Women, or tall and 3XL for Men.
Q: I have a particular product in mind that I am looking for, but I do not know where to begin.
A. is designed to best suit your browsing preferences. You may either search for the product you wish to find by using our search box in the upper right hand corner of the site. Or you can use our navigation bar to browse our products.
Q: How can I be sure the item listed is in stock?
A. We do our best to ensure every item that appears on is in inventory or it will not appear on our site.
Q: Where can I find product dimensions?
A. When viewing a product, the dimensions for each product are listed under the Product Detail tab of that product.
Q: Does Woolrich make custom blankets or custom apparel?
A. Please contact our Sales Service Team for more information about custom blankets or custom apparel items.
Q: Can I purchase woolen fabric from your Company?
A. Yes. For information on wholesale purchasing of woolen fabric for upholstery or other purposes, please visit , email us , or call 1-800-995-1299 and ask for the fabric division.
Q: Who can I contact about Woolrich products sold by Target?
A. The Woolrich products sold at Target are exclusive to their stores. Contact Target guest relations at 800-440-0680 for questions regarding this product line.
Q: How can I tell a counterfeit product?
A. Like all well known apparel brands, Woolrich is a target of counterfeiters.

Although we continually make a world wide effort to protect our brand and customers against today's sophisticated piracy, the best defense for all is a knowledgeable customer.
    Counterfeit Garments
  • From our experience, a counterfeit garment rarely fools a repeat Woolrich customer.
  • Even though tags and labels on fakes can be indistinguishable from ours, the fakes just don?t look, feel or fit like the real thing.
  • Pricing is not always an indicator, although low end pricing usually is, increasingly we've seen internet counterfeiters asking near market prices for counterfeits.
    Counterfeit Retailers
  • We have no authorized retailers who sell as flea markets, street vendors or individuals
  • Because of our anti-counterfeiting efforts, it's unusual for a customer to find a counterfeit Woolrich product at a brick and mortar retail store, but it can happen.
  • To confirm whether a store is an authorized Woolrich retailer, customers can use the Retail Store Locator or contact our Customer Service toll free at 1-800-966-5372.
    Internet Counterfeiting
  • It's difficult to distinguish a counterfeit website from a Woolrich authorized site by its look since these sites illegally copy and use our pictures, graphics and text.
  • No website containing Woolrich in its name is an authorized Woolrich dealer other than this site or those identified at the bottom of this page as Other Woolrich Collections or at the bottom under Visit Other Woolrich sites
Please report any counterfeits or suspected counterfeits to or call 1-800-966-5372.
Q: How can I return or exchange a previous purchase?
A. Woolrich has taken great care in designing and manufacturing our products, paying the utmost attention to quality. If despite all our care, you need to return or exchange merchandise, please click here for instructions.
Q: How do I contact Woolrich?
A. For more information on how to contact Woolrich, please click here .
Q: How can I sign up for emails?
A. If you would like to receive emails from about special offers and online sales, please click here .
Q: How can I receive a catalog from Woolrich?
A. If you would like to receive our catalog, please click here .
Q: Where do I find Woolrich Stores in my area?
A. Please use the Retailer Locator to find retail stores that sell Woolrich products. It will also list any Woolrich Company Stores in your area.
Q: Do you manufacture all of your products in the United States?
A. No. At Woolrich, we take pride in our commitment to provide authentic product of high quality and value for men and women who love the outdoors. For American apparel companies to survive and grow in this past decade and in the future, we have all had to become truly global. Our company has been able to increase American employment in marketing, merchandising, administration, and retail. Although we manufacture many of our garments (or components) overseas, they are designed by us and meet our strict quality standards and specifications. We employ over 400 people in the U.S.A and operate one of the oldest, continuous running woolen mills in the country. Woolrich strives to keep as much manufacturing here as possible, but companies today have little choice but to compete in a global economy. When consumers choose to purchase Woolrich products, even those products made in foreign countries, they continue to support our American employees.

While manufacturing garments abroad, Woolrich strives to ensure that our products are produced under fair working conditions in safe and healthy environments. We do not condone or conduct business with anyone engaged in illegal or inhumane practices. Woolrich requires that all factories, companies, or individuals we do business with and obtain products from -- whether in the United States or elsewhere -- comply with the respective laws of their countries and with all other applicable laws, rules and regulations, including U.S. import requirements, and our own Woolrich code of business practices.
Q: Where can I find Woolrich products in Canada?
A. Please click here to find out where to locate Woolrich products in Canada.
Q: Where can I find Woolrich products in Japan?
A. Please contact Mr. Que Hisayasu in Japan at the following address and phone number:

Mr. Que Hisayasu
Woolrich Brand Manager, Asia
Nihonbashi YT Bld. 2F
1-21-7 Kakigara-cho, Nihonbashi,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan 103-0014
phone: 81-3-5681-7370
fax: 81-3-5651-7372
Q: Where can I find Woolrich products in Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Luxembourg?
A. Please contact W.P. Lavori (Woolrich distributors for that geographic region) in Corso, Italy at the following address and phone number:

Via Dell Arcoveggio 59/5
Bologna, Italy 40129
phone: 011 39 051 416 1411