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Tips From Black Owl Outdoors – PA Wilds…the Re-Edit!

One need not look far to find adventures. In this video, Krik and Stony share their trip as they explored their home state of Pennsylvania. They traveled to a region known as the Pennsylvania Wilds, which has more public land than Yellowstone National Park.

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Meet the guys behind

“Two brothers bridging the gap between nature and the modern pursuit.” Black Owl Outdoors is comprised of two brothers from Pennsylvania who have an unrelenting passion for the outdoors. And part of that passion manifests in video form. Stony, the eldest of the two, is the one behind the camera (above at left); and the younger, Krik, is the one in front. Their videos range from plant identification, to bushcraft, to outdoor adventures, to outdoor equipment reviews. “One of our goals is to share the beauty of nature. We understand there are lots of folks who want to spend more time outdoors and are unable to do so. So, when you can’t get outside, we hope to provide a gateway,” says Krik. And by capturing that beauty, the brothers hope to bring awareness to natural resource protection and preservation. “There’s a value in nature that can’t be described or quantified. We want to do our part in preserving these wild places for generations to come.”


You can find their entire library of videos and photography at  And check back here monthly as we will feature videos, photos and stories from the guys as they continue the outdoor adventure that is Black Owl Outdoors!

WOOLRICH x West America – The Adventure Begins

Woolrich, whose apparel has been worn by explorers and adventurers since 1830, has teamed up with Jordan Hufnagel and James Crowe of adventure outfitter West America on an epic motorcycle odyssey from Whistler, BC to Patagonia and back.  The duo will be wearing Woolrich apparel while documenting their trip and have developed a capsule of apparel inspired by the journey.  Below is the first report from the road.

After a week of freezing our buns off in the high cascades of oregon, we finally found ourselves loosing some layers. It was great to no longer feel like marsh mallows on bikes.

As we left Medford, Oregon in the dark to search for a camp site on the California border, we knew the road ahead was going to be new for both of us. Neither of us had ever explored the Trinity National Forest that lyes between the coastal 101 hwy and the I5. After getting lost in the dark country roads outside of Medford we finally found a quiet spot to rest for the night.

The morning brought blue skies and the excitement of seeing some new terrain. It wasn’t long before we hit dirt roads leading into the mountains. For hundreds of miles nothing but nature and small homesteads dotted the countryside, with clear beautiful rivers taunting us to get in.  The roads where narrow, one curve into another, never going straight, constantly moving the bike under you, the type of roads that you dream about at night.

One of the best parts of traveling through this area late in the fall is that no one is around. The RVs are parked for the winter and you have the whole area to yourself. We arrived at ruth lake late in the night and found the campsite all to ourselves. A quick meal on the stove warmed our bodies for another chili night.

Today would have us pointing the bikes west for the coast with hopes of making it down highway 1
to meet friends in San Francisco and wash off a weeks worth of road grime form our bodies.

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For Rainy Days

This spring, rain will not keep you from exploring the outdoors. Whether you’re running errands downtown, watching a game outside, or hitting the trail, pack your storable Woolrich raincoat to keep yourself dry and comfortable.

Woolrich Packable Rain Gear

The Kristie Raincoat for women and the Wetland Raincoat for men are waterproof, windproof, breathable and packable jackets that will ensure you have a dry and comfortable spring. To see both our Women’s raincoats in all colors, click here.

To get inspired for rainy days, check out this Pinterest board and see why, when it rains, Woolrich shines.

The lure of fly fishing: Five questions with Woolrich designer Steven Fuller

Woolrich designer Steven Fuller’s outdoor life began in New England, grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and lives today in the rolling mountains of central Pennsylvania.   A passionate angler, hiker and conservationist, Fuller’s outdoor life began early on the waters around Martha’s Vineyard, as family and fishing were an inseparable pair.   He grew up on the plains of eastern Washington, and followed the waters there to Puget Sound, to Seattle, and to the inspirational peaks and rivers of the Olympic Peninsula.

Although Steven occasionally travels to find his fishing quarry …  it’s clear he has always been a fan of Pennsylvania legendary fly fishing,

What are a couple of your favorite spots?

SF:  Penns creek, the narrows section on Fishing Creek and a few ‘nameless’ local mountain streams nearby. (more…)

Silcox Hut & Woolrich pajamas: Low tech comforts in a high tech world

To spend two days in the Silcox Hut is to feel the grip of the high-tech world slip away.

Embedded into the snowy face of Oregon’s Mt. Hood, the hut originally served as the upper station of the “magic mile” chairlift, built in 1939.   But in the last few decades, the Silcox has been lovingly elevated to a prized status as one of America’s great ski lodges.   Capable of hosting up to 24 people, the Silcox Hut features raw stone floors, looming timberframe walls and remarkably comfortable feather pillow bunkbeds.    Oh, and there’s a hot shower too. (more…)

Keeping time with the enduring style of the Railroad Vest

In 1859, the iron tracks of the Sunbury & Erie Railroad stretched to Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, bringing regular train service within a few miles of the Woolrich mill.   Yet while regular train service brought a massive building boom to central Pennsylvania, that wasn’t its only legacy.  It also inspired the creation of one of Woolrich’s most enduring designs:  the Railroad Vest.

Also known as the “Utility Vest,” the original styling is graced with rough charcoal wool, and a light grey pinstripe.   The material is thick enough to feel immediately warm and durable, yet smooth enough to make the call for an evening out on the town.  As appealing as the material is … it’s the pockets that make this piece truly tick.   Today’s wearers turn to the Woolrich Railroad Vest to stash their iPhones, business cards, notebooks, screwdrivers, flyboxes, digital cameras and more.

But originally, it was all about the pocket watch.  (more…)

Remembering the legacy of birdman Clifford L. Jones

For Clifford L Jones, birding was a life-long passion.

As a child, a favorite aunt implanted a love of wildlife into his young heart.  Becoming an avid bird watcher as a child, Jones endured some teasing from friends during high school.  But he re-embraced his passion in adulthood, traveling to 55 countries as an active conservationist and bird advocate. (more…)

Woolrich racks up style points at ORWM

Unarguably, the annual Outdoor Retailer Winter Market trade show in Salt Lake City is where trends are set.    A small city in itself, the show is populated by the most progressive companies in outdoor gear, goods, and apparel.

And at the most recent gathering last January, it was the heritage-infused presentation by Woolrich that garnered two of the shows most coveted style awards. (more…)