As the oldest continually operating woolen mill in the United States, Woolrich’s manufacturing legacy is deeply rooted in the production of wool blankets. To this day, Woolrich’s blanket collection, including its line of Civil War blankets that sustained Union troops since the first conflict, remain in production and are popular amongst consumers. In addition, Woolrich’s 185-year-old history includes its unique historical relationship with another historic blanket manufacturer, The Pearce Company.

In the late 1700s, wool blankets were so vital to human survival and comfort that they actually served as currency. Blankets were often traded between the Native Americans and trappers through the Hudson’s Bay Company of England, and distributed in America by the Pearce Manufacturing Company, another Pennsylvania-based mill operation.

Pearce was established in 1805 in Harmony, Pennsylvania by the Harmonite Society. In 1928, Woolrich bought the Pearce Manufacturing Company, and by 1959, the Pearce blankets were fully incorporated into the Woolrich mill operations.

Upon acquisition of the Pearce Company, Woolrich received the official license to distribute the blankets in the U.S. The flagship staple of the Pearce Company, the Hudson’s Bay Collection, is proudly distributed by Woolrich to this day.

The signature four-stripe, high-quality bed blankets are available in sizes that fit today’s modern bed sizes. A four-point blanket fits a full-size bed, a six-point blanket first a queen and an eight-point blanket fits a king size bed. The legendary 100% wool blankets are still made in England with wool collected from sources in England, Wales, New Zealand, and India.

Today, our blanket collection has expanded into many different colors, collections, and collaborations for any occasion, holiday, or special event.

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