Good Ol' Cold Splinters and Jeff Thrope's great outdoors

Jeff Thrope is the founder of Cold Splinters, a website and creative marketing firm dedicated to Edward Abbey books and Appalachian Trail Lean-Tos . He lives in Brooklyn, NY and writes about camping and the outdoors for various publications including Outside, Men’s Journal, GQ, Garden and Gun and The New York Times, where his column, “The Campster,” seeks out weekend destinations in the woods for those living in the big city.

He works with various outdoor-focused brands on marketing, public relations, brand development and design, all while searching endlessly through old Wilderness Experience catalogs. For the upcoming Outdoor Retailer Summer Market booth, Woolrich collaborated with Thrope on a series of visually striking posters that aptly reflect the spring 2013 collection.

The visuals you created for the Woolrich booth depict some pretty idyllic  campsite scenes; in your mind, what makes for a perfect campsite? Location? Amenities? Anything you can’t live without?

JT: If you have enough space to pitch a tent and an opening through some trees to see the sky when it gets dark, you should be good to go. A river always helps. So does a good view, of course. I guess the key is to know where you’re going, right? 

Any Woolrich in your closet? Old or new? 

JT: I’ve got a bunch of Woolrich in my closet. Old coats, new wool vests, and a big folder of old Woolrich ads from various magazines I’ve collected over the years. 

Following any specific olympians or olympic events of interest?

JT: If it happens on a track, I’ll be paying attention. 

What are you reading right now?

JT: I spent some time in Big Sur a couple months back and since I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that place since I left, I’m very slowly reading Henry Miller’s Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch.

You recently posted an ode to Heady Topper, calling it “The one.” Do you follow the instructions, i.e. drink it from the can?

JT: I was up at a friend’s wedding outside of Stowe a few weeks back, and I went over to the brewery not knowing anything about it. We picked up a few cans, went to the river and spent the afternoon swimming. Impossible to have a bad time with that combination, I guess. 



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